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Confronting the Bard: Shakespeare Rap by Suzanna Lawrence

All the World's a Stage

All the World’s a Stage

We explore the work of William Shakespeare in a number of ways: passionately, enthusiastically, uninterested, at times kicking and screaming. But whatever we say about the work of what many consider to be the greatest playwright in the English language, we know that his work endures and inspires and has done so for hundreds of years, providing us with great food for thought. Here is a perceptive and poetic piece about the great man and his works by Suzanna Lawrence in year 8.

Shakespeare Rap

Got my gangster gear all here
Let’s go

Oh! Hey, what do we have here
Poems, plays and sonnets
Although the gore might make you vomit
It’s gonna be worth it in the end I promise
Okay, let’s start here with Othello
Cause I will not let him go alone
I will be there through thick and thin
Even when he accuses me of cheating on him

Moving on
To a Midsummer Night’s Dream
Because the forests will still gleam
When the spell is broken
Everyone is causing mischief
Trying to find love for you
But of course we all know
That the course of true love never did run smooth

Bringing Hamlet now
Poison and madness
“The lady doth protest too much”
Guilty consciences
Unhealthy deviance
A testosterone-filled, poisonous, mischievous
All the characters are leaving us
Another story with a dead end

Now we move on to
The Merchant of Venice
“All that glitters is not gold”
A pound of flesh
For a lady’s love
Pick a box, take a chance
Religion can save you from what you aren’t

The Tempest
Happiness, light
Not much fire or spite
Love at first sight and
It ends all bright
Not exactly a moving storyline
But his record is great
So just give Shakespeare a break

Never gonna be my favourite writer
Never gonna like all of his plays
Never gonna be his number one fan but
He changed English for the better-so
Let’s just learn to appreciate what we got


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