English: A Manifesto of Sorts

(image taken from indulgy.com)

(image taken from indulgy.com)

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to have an ongiong discussion of the skills, concepts and great books that we study in English Language and Literature, a discussion in which you could share your insights on poetry, on novels, on the great and pressing issues facing us today, and engage with and develop your critical thinking skills through the thoughts and ideas of others?

This ongoing discussion is the impetus behind starting The King Solomon English Blog. It is hoped of course that it will be useful for you as a learning tool and that we will provide tips and advice, share useful links, alert you to important English-related events, and hopefully challenge you to expand your horizons.

But it is also important that this functions as a forum both for discussion and for recognition of some of the immense writing and reading talent in King Solomon and the ways in which written expression can be used to move and to inspire to greatness and the ways in which the pages we study in class can come to life and create forests of dreams and oceans of vision on which we can build ideas of the future.

Here’s hoping you are ready to join in the discussion and have your voice heard!


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